Cash Assistance – Moving Up Fund

“Getting financial assistance would give me comfort for my family and allow me to study and get some mentoring, which is basically required when you change your career, country and start a new life”

– Sershah, Afghan refugee and former procurement officer for the UN World Food Program

Moving Up Fund

Are you a recently arrived refugees, SIV, parolee or asylum seeker who is working a low-wage, low-skill jobs?

Do you not have the time to attend mentoring or training to get a better job because they are working so many hours?

Then find the right training and

APPLY to the The Moving Up Fund today!!

The Moving Up Fund provides any recently displaced person seeking training or mentoring with cash assistance of $2,400 (which equals approximately half their rent for three months and will be paid directly to the landlord) so they can afford to take time off for training or mentoring, enabling them to “move up” in their careers and improve their income potential. 

For training opportunities, check out our Resource Guide, which will be updated with more soon!

To read more about how the fund works and what is required, check out our Moving Up Fund Process Guide.

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