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COVID-19 UPDATE: Starting June 1st, Homes Not Borders will begin limited donation collections. However, all donations must be wiped down and ready to go on your drive way/curb at the time of pick up.


We are always in need of household items and furniture for newly arrived refugee families. All items can be gently used (expect for mattresses, which have to be new). We just ask they are in decent condition, with no stains or rips.

We need everything to make a house a home from towels and kitchen utensils to coffee tables and dressers. Here is the complete list of every item we need for home set ups:

In particular we are always in need of:

  • Twin sheets
  • Twin comforters
  • Twin bedspreads
  • Pillows
  • Silverware
  • Drinking glasses
  • Pots and pans

What we DO NOT want:

  • Wine glasses, stemware, or any barware
  • Any dishes that are less than four in set (no single cups or plates, etc.)
  • Mugs or glasses that have writing or any type of alcohol brand on them
  • King size bedding
  • Toy guns or swords
  • Puzzles or games that are missing pieces
  • Adult clothing or shoes

Amazon Wishlist

If you want to buy new items for an existing refugee family in need, check out our growing FAMILY WISHLISTS

Amazon Wishlist

You can also purchase new items to support our greatest set up needs. Check our Amazon Wish List and buy what you can.

If you have donations of any needed household items on our list, please fill out the form.

    If you do have any wooden furniture that isn’t in the best shape, our refugee woodworkers might be able to give it new life.

    Please email with a picture for more information.



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