Masks for Sale

Stay safe during this time of COVID while supporting a good cause and providing much needed income to new refugees!

Size: Small (child 3-12), Medium (teens and smaller adults), Large (larger adults)

Price: $12 (half the money goes to the Afghan seamstresses and half to HNB for shipping, materials and support.

Shipping: Via USPS, arriving 7 to 10 days after the order

*The patterned fabric is a one-of-a-kind design of a living room set up made up of flags from the major refugee nations (designed by the school-aged sons of HNB’s director.) Masks are lined and 100% cotton, and all are washed and placed in a plastic bag before mailing.

***Due to a language barriers in explaining the pattern, the first batch of mask might have the flag pattern upside down.



Meet The Makers


Halima and her family moved to Riverdale, Md., from Afghanistan a year ago when she, her husband and eight children fled Afghanistan. She has been making masks with her two daughters – Asma and Husna – in between their virtual schooling. She will be using the money she makes from the masks to help support her family of 10 and is giving some to her daughters so they can buy anything they want.


Bibi and husband and four sons (pictured above) moved to Riverdale, Md., in February just before COVID hit. Her husband was an interpreter with the U.S. military before they fled. She is using the money she makes from the masks to send back to Afghanistan to support her family still there.


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