Humanitarian Parole Assistance

04/22/2022 UPDATE: The below information is for Afghans seeking humanitarian parole. Homes Not Borders plans to be involved in finding sponsors for Ukrainians under the new United for Ukrainians program. But we are awaiting details from the Department of Homeland Security before posting information on how to get involved.

Thousands of Afghans are currently left behind in Afghanistan and are under dire threat from the Taliban, and many are applying for Humanitarian Parole.This will help them get to the United States quickly once they are in a third country. And in order to get Parole, they need a sponsor - an individual or organization - here in the United States. 


Sponsors do have to fill out the I-134 Affidavit of Support and report their income. But they only have to support the individual financial for the first two months (though further involvement is encouraged!), and the form is not legally binding. With the newly established Afghan Placement and Assistance Program and the recently passed legislation to strengthen it, Afghans now have access resettlement benefits once they are connected to an resettlement agency, and they include: 

  • Expedited Employment Authorization Document (EAD) filing so they can get a job sooner
  • Resettlement stipend of $1,250 per family member
  • Medicaid, TANF, SNAP and other state benefits

**Homes Not Borders will also help with the financial support, and resettlement assistance, for the first two months for all sponsors we connect to Afghans.**

If interested please download and read this FAQ for Humanitarian Parole Sponsors, but note it was written before additional benefits were added for Afghans.


Also check out this Guidance for Potential Humanitarian Parolees.


Please consider becoming a sponsor today!


And if interested or you have more questions, please email

Homes Not Borders

3610 East St.

Landover, MD 20785



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