Our Values


Our mission is to provide the refugee, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) and asylum-seeking population of the D.C. area with what they need to thrive and feel at home in the United States.


Client-First Mindset – We prioritize the perspective of the refugee, SIV or asylum seeker first, attaining their input as much as we can. Their needs and ideas matter above what we may think is best for them.

Dignity – We lead with respect and dignity in all we do. We only accept donations of items that are in good condition and engage in activities and promotions that respect those we serve.

Equality – We value everyone’s opinion and contribution equally and do not make judgements based on race, country of origin, gender or sexual orientation

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity – We try our best to take into consideration the traditions and expectations of other cultures and also inform them of ours.

Community Building – We believe our work is stronger if we all collaborate. We encourage relationships between and among clients and volunteers, and seek out partnerships within the larger community and refugee care organizations.


A society where refugees, SIV holders and asylum-seekers can integrate smoothly and create a full and thriving life in the United States.



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