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Laura Osuri

Laura Thompson Osuri


Laura is the founder of Homes Not Borders, which grew out of her involvement with National Community Church. For two years, Laura led NCC’s Refugee Care Agency Team, working with the three local resettlement agencies and refugee families directly.

Laura is also the co-founder of D.C.’s street newspaper, Street Sense, and was its Editor and Executive Director from 2004 to 2009 (and briefly in 2011). She helped grow it from a project of the National Coalition of the Homeless to its own thriving non-profit organization helping homeless individuals. She still advises the organization today.

Laura is passionate about welcoming new refugees because their culture and contributions so enrich the United States. (She also loves sampling all their new foods!) Laura feels most at home running through Rock Creek Park and playing Machi Koro with her husband and three kids.


Nicholas Grossmann


Nick has a background in international security studies and global conflict, focused on the Middle East and North Africa and has worked in the nonprofit sector. He is currently working on a media startup. Nick got involved in Homes Not Borders through a friend of a friend and is now the main driver for most pick ups.

Nick feels most at home spending time with loved ones and pushing for new adventures in life, by motorcycle or other means.


Hannah Koilpillai

Hannah recently retired, after having worked in finance at the World Bank for 35 years. When her family immigrated to the United States from India in the 1960’s she benefited from having a host family assigned to her family. The hosts helped her family integrate and treated them like family. Hannah is now passing on that legacy of being a host to refugees and asylum seekers by being a lead volunteers with Homes not Borders.

Hannah feels most at home hosting family gatherings at her house in Silver Spring, MD.


Melanie Coburn

Melanie Coburn is the Chief Relationship Officer for a unique networking community called CADRE, where she supports more than 100 CEOs and business leaders. Along with her husband, Derek, Melanie launched CADRE in 2011 and hosted events with esteemed speakers including Daniel Pink & JJ Virgin. Prior to CADRE, she worked a Marketing Director for the Washington Redskins cheerleaders. In her free time Melanie helps Homes Not Borders set up homes and built networks in the refugee community.

Melanie is most at home in her new house in Arlington, doing life with her husband and two boys.



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