Homes Not Borders’ storytelling program gives refugees and other forced migrants a voice and platform to tell their personal stories. The art of storytelling is as old as spoken language but its popularity as a form of spoken word performance is only a couple of decades old. Made popular by programs such as The Moth, Radiolab, and Story District, stories are true, autobiographical retellings of events of a person’s life recounted live in spoken form in 10 minutes or less. We believe that, when a person can tell the events of their lives with confidence, authenticity, humor, and depth, the very act of telling their story helps heal traumas faced from their journey here, amplifies their voices to our greater community, and enriches all of us by helping us better understand the refugee friends and neighbors who live among us.

In partnership with The Moth, our classes gives the following benefits to our refugee friends:

  • Strengthens English language skills, 
  • Improves communication skills for work and at home, 
  • Gives confidence in speaking in front of a group of people and 
  • Opens the possibility to be paid to participate in Homes Not Borders’ storytelling show in in the fall

If you are a recent refugee, interested in becoming a storyteller, please send a request to