Homes Not Borders relies HEAVILY on volunteers. If any of these opportunities fit your time and/or skill set, please consider joining our amazing group of volunteers! If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please email us at info@homesnotborders.org.


What: Partner with a Special Immigrant Visa holders (and any skilled refugees fluent in English) to help him/her learn the ropes of their field in the US (recommended continuing education, major employers to avoid/seek out, new terms, etc) and make connections that will hopefully lead to employment.

When: Anytime that for you and your mentee. A commitment of at least 4 hours a month for six months.

Who: Anyone with a at least five year experience in finance, procurement, project management, consulting, and corporate education, particularly at an international development agency.

Where: Via Zoom and phone (and in person when both parties are comfortable)

If interested, please email info@homesnotborders.org

Furniture Movers


What: Help move furniture out of donors’ homes and into a big box truck.

When: Sunday afternoons (one or twice a month).

Who: Strong individuals that can work fast.

Where: All over the DC area, from Rockville to Alexandria and beyond, but you choose where you can plug in.

If interested, please email info@homesnotborders.org

Setup Help


What: Help move in furniture and household items, assemble furniture, make beds, set up kitchen, etc.

When: Monday mornings/early afternoon (kids are welcome!).

Who: Anyone who doesn’t mind a little household work. Even if you can’t lift much, there are plenty of non-lifting jobs to go around.

Where: Riverdale and Landover, MD.

If interested, please email info@homesnotborders.org


What: Teach carpentry and word working one-on-one to a recently arrived refugee. 6-month commitment.

When: You can choose a convenient time in the evenings, day or weekends that works for everyone.

Who: Anyone who is a professional carpenter or furniture maker, or simply has the skills from doing this as a hobby.

Where: Outdoors at an apartment complex in Riverdale, MD

If interested, please email info@homesnotborders.org



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